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This is a sponsored post and includes affiliate links; I was given a product to try and review.  All opinions are 100% mine.  For more information please visit my disclosure page.

Taking just 5 minutes a day to pamper myself just makes me feel beautiful and thanks to a sample package from Skinny & Co I’m indulging in what I like to call “spa time.”  In the package were 5 products to check out – Coconut Oil, Facial Oil, Body Butter, Oil Pulling, and Sugar Scrub.  Getting this package in the mail a little over a week ago made it feel like Christmas around here.

Wouldn’t this beauty box be fun to get in the mail or send as a gift?

Skinny & Co is a wonderful healthy alternative for chemical laden beauty products.  A patent pending system called NutraLock is used to cold press the handpicked and wild harvested coconuts from the jungles of Vietnam.   There are no chemicals, fillers, or preservatives; AKA I can read and pronounce all ingredients listed!   Also all products have five ingredients or fewer and are non-toxic and edible.  Skinny & Co says, “Why would you ever put something on your skin if you wouldn’t put it in your body?”  Makes sense to me!

With that said, here are the five products I had the opportunity to sample, uses, and their ingredients –

Coconut oil 

  • USES – Deep conditioning treatment, Add to coffee/smoothies/tea, May boost metabolism and promote fullness, Use as replacement for butter or other common oils
  • INGREDIENTS – Contains the only 100% raw, alkaline coconut oil in the world
  • REVIEW – We swim in our community pool a bunch since moving here.  This makes my hair severely brittle.  I use the coconut oil for conditioning my hair(especially the ends) and WOW!  It’s much softer after using it and I don’t have any scientific backing but am guessing it helps protect my hair when blow drying.

Facial oil

  • USES – Makeup remover including waterproof mascara, Facial Cleanser, Daily Moisturizer, Beard Oil
  • INGREDIENTS – Coconut oil, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Essential Oils
  • REVIEW – I use this to clean my face and to moisturize.  The first time trying it as a facial cleaner, I first actually washed my face with my oatmeal and goat milk bar soap to remove makeup.  Then when I followed up with the facial oil as a cleanser, I was shocked by the amount of dirt and makeup that it cleaned! See this picture….  eeew!


Body butter

  • USES – Moisturize and soothe itchy skin, Shaving cream, Great for after sun, Soothe skin rash and baby acne
  • INGREDIENTS – Whipped coconut oil, Organic almond oil
  • REVIEW – This is like the best “lotion” I’ve ever used!  My skin feels so silky after each use and I also like how it looks shimmery when I first put it on.  A+ rating from me! :)

Oil pulling

  • USES – Lessons bad breath, Naturally whiten teeth, Shown to remove plaque, DYI toothpaste
  • INGREDIENTS – Alkaline coconut oil, peppermint
  • REVIEW – This morning I tried this for the first time.  I read that the oil should be alkaline because an acidic oil could cause damage to your teeth.  Have you heard of oil pulling?  I liken it to using mouthwash but use this about twice per week.  Put a teaspoon in your mouth and start “pulling” and “pushing” it through your teeth.  After 5-20 minutes spit out in the trash and don’t swallow the oil with all the bacteria it just cleaned out of your mouth.  My breath smells so good and I’m curious over the next month to see if my teeth become whiter and brighter.

Sugar scrub

  • USES – Exfoliate skin, Add to coffee and tea, Great for shaving, Lip exfoliator
  • INGREDIENTS – Coconut oil, Coconut sugar, Vanilla bean
  • REVIEW – My goodness, I just want to eat the jar of this stuff.  It is open in front of me on my desk and smells like a tempting cookie in a jar.  I tried this out as an exfoliant on my face with a splash of water.  Then after scrubbing, I licked it off in all the places I could reach.  Ok, just kidding!  I used a wash cloth.  It smells so yummy, I see why people would use it in their coffee or tea.

skinny and co 1

As a busy mom, I don’t usually take time to pamper myself or even just slather on cheap chemically lotion in my 10 seconds of spare time.  So getting to try out all these delicious products from Skinny & Co was like a mini spa trip.  I’ve never been one much for taking care of my skin or complexion but actually have been using the facial oil and body butter all week, the coconut oil when my hair is crunchy from the pool, and just leaving the jar of the sugar scrub open to smell. (I have a weird thing about liking yummy scents; like every time I go to the grocery store I always stop at the coffee aisle just to smell the coffee but never buy it.)

Which product would you most likely to choose from these samples?

For more information about Skinny & Co and how they are changing the world through building schools and other projects check out the Website https://www.skinnyandcompany.com and social media channels Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.  Also when you visit the website be sure to sign up for the Rewards Program to earn coconut points toward coupons!

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