Summertime Fun – A Nature Walk

Nature Walk tree

There's so much to do with kids and friends during summer months.  This Summertime Fun post is all about taking a hike!  Have you been on a nature walk lately?  There are tons of benefits to going outside for a walk like help retain memory, increase your Vitamin D, and boosting circulation. Last week, I took my kids on a couple nature walks.  One really adventurous walk meant going past the … [Read more...]

Friday Flowers – The Golden Wedding Anniversary

Friday Flowers 7 22 2016

The weekend before last was my parents' 50th wedding anniversary party at my sister's house.  It was so much fun getting to spend a few hours together with my entire immediate family - parents and two sisters and our spouses plus kids.  My middle sister made this beautiful bouquet for the occasion and the table was decorated so pretty! It's hard to believe that nowadays people stay married … [Read more...]

Poetry – Simple Steps for Living Life

Sometimes we find simple steps for living life in unexpected places.  Simplifying life not only means learning how to take care of your home and your stuff, or learning how to do things like budgeting and meal plans.  Simplifying life can mean learning how to quiet your soul and seek peace and solitude.  For some this might mean prayer, for some it might just mean taking 30 minutes to watch a … [Read more...]

4 Ideas to Encourage Creativity

Toast and creativity 2

Kids have such great imaginations!  Have you ever listened to kids while they are playing and all the ideas they come up with?  My oldest wants an ant farm so bad, but mommy doesn’t!  So instead of continuing to make his pitch for the ant farm, he came up with his own homemade ant farm.  YIKES!  It involved two plastic Ziploc bags, straws, and a plastic container.  Luckily, it didn’t work and a … [Read more...]


Be the Better Man In most things in my life, I like to take the lazy road.  In my mind the easy path is mapped out quickly and seems like the simplest trek. Reality, though, is often quite different. Rudyard Kipling penned a famous poem “If-“ regarding what it takes to be a “real” man (which of course is applicable to women too).   Here are the beginning and ending lines of the poem: If … [Read more...]

Tips for Sewing Stuffed Animals

Sewing Tips whale stuffed animal

I love to sew.  A long time ago in a city far far away, I bought a bunch of patterns on sale for dresses, slip covers, and toys.  When my daughter and I were looking through patterns recently, this one caught her eye - The elephant was my daughters choice when this sewing project began.  And then my boys found out I was sewing it, they wanted to have a new stuffed animal so I thought, why … [Read more...]

Before and After: Sewing Caddy Redo

Sewing Caddy redo 3

Back in February, I got to go to Nacogdoches, Texas, for a girls weekend getaway.  At the very end of our shopping in downtown, we stopped at the local Goodwill.  That's where this little gem was picked up for only $10... Initially, I tried painting this without taking it apart... BAD IDEA!  Every time I opened or closed it, the paint would rub off.  So, it was completely taken … [Read more...]