3 Tips to Help You Drink More Water

drink more water

This post about 3 Tips to Help You Drink More Water includes affiliate links for your convenience.  For more information please visit my disclosure page. With the weather heating up, staying hydrated is very important. Here are 3 short & sweet tips help you drink more water: 1.  Add some flavor or even fizz.  Squeeze a little lime or lemon juice and mix the water up.  Try flavor … [Read more...]

American Tiny House – A move in the right direction

American tiny house 4

I am fascinated by Tiny Houses.  Gadgets and space saving tricks are so interesting in these little abodes.  Plus, the notion of literally “leaving it all behind” mesmerizes me.  Another perk about having a house on wheels is getting to take it with us where ever we move. Who likes packing?  Yea, me neither.  I’ve done plenty of packing in my day.  After moving to six different places in the … [Read more...]

A Timer is My BFF

A Timer is my BFF

This week's Marvelous Tips Monday is "A Timer is My BFF."  Check back each Monday for a new Marvelous Tip or visit previously posted tips like anything from How to Dig for Diamonds to Cleaning Stinky Shoes here. Bedtime is 8:30pm around here for my kids.  It is no mystery to them that 8:30 is when they are supposed to happily waltz off to sleepy land.  Let’s face it though, they don’t … [Read more...]

Bacon for my BooBoo

Bacon Bandage

Would you ever think of turning to bacon when you get a booboo?  Me neither.  That is until I was at a candy and novelty shop at the Outlets of Little Rock.  I purchased these silly bandages and this post is just for fun to tell you all about it.  I'm not getting compensated at all for this and just want to tell you about these silly bandaids! That's right...  Bacon Bandages!  These even … [Read more...]

How to Dig for Diamonds


Have you ever dug in the dirt for diamonds?  If you are anywhere near southwest Arkansas then chances are, you have.  Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, is a mine that has been used as a tourist attraction for several decades and was purchased by the state of Arkansas in the 1970s to be converted to a state park.  I've gone to the park since I was a child, and now we have … [Read more...]

Matt Steady’s Blood Is Thicker Than Gold

Matt Steady Album Cover

I "met" Matt Steady on his Twitter page just recently and check out his free download.  That's right!  I said a free song download!!!  Yep, and not The Whispers' 1987 Rock Steady type stuff.  The Matt Steady - Blood Is Thicker Than Gold type stuff. I'm so thankful for the entire 11 track album download that MattStoicSteady shared with me for this review!  All of these opinions are 100% … [Read more...]